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This Briefing is Co-Chaired by ICIT and DLT Solutions an ICIT Fellow Program Member. 

Crossing the Digital Divide

One of the outcomes of our increasingly interconnected operating environment is the rise in hybrid cyber-physical attacks. These hybrid attacks target both cyber and physical assets, blurring operational and cyber security strategies. Successful cyber-physical attacks may disrupt or deny critical infrastructure operations, making mitigation a top priority for public and private sector leaders.


The 2021 ICIT Fall Briefing Series will be hosted on-line as a series of three weekly virtual events focused on cyber convergence or integrating physical and cyber security strategies. CISA suggests that business leaders develop a “…holistic security strategy that aligns cybersecurity and physical security functions…”. By bringing together top public and private sector leaders, ICIT is advancing the conversation about the importance of protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructures by hosting thought-provoking dialogue about the impact of cyber-physical attacks.

Each week will feature presentations and sessions on a different theme.

Virtual Series:

Curriculum Includes:

  • Cyber-physical ransomware attacks

  • Digital and physical applications of zero trust

  • Overlap between innovation and governance

​​This is a no-cost event, but pre-registration for each session is required. 

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Securing the Nation's Critical Infrastructures:

A Guide for the 2021 Administration.

This guide was inspired by the call for a whole of nation response to cyber threats. Our hope is that the insights it contains will be used by our nation’s leaders to improve critical infrastructure resiliency and strengthen our national security.

ICIT  authors are an elite group of nationally recognized cybersecurity and national security leaders who keenly understand the power of meaningful engagement and recognize the importance of the ICIT mission.

Parham Eftekhari,

Founder & Chairman, ICIT and Executive Director, The Cybersecurity Collaborative

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Disruptions from the Digital World: The impact of ransomware on critical infrastructures

Tuesday, Nov 16 @ 1pm ET
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Ransomware as an attack vector increased dramatically, with a 151% increase in 2021 compared to 2020. This session is a post-mortem style discussion on recent ransomware attacks that impacted critical infrastructures.

Ransomware prevention and mitigation is a reality for public and private sector leaders. Our executive panelists will debrief the incidents from their perspective and discuss the incident response and mitigation opportunities based on the lessons learned from these attacks.


  • Nitin Natarajan, Deputy Director, CISA

  • Robert Wood, CISO, CMS

  • James Carder - ICIT Fellow & CSO & VP, LogRhythm


  • Parham Eftekhari - Founder & Board Chair, ICIT Executive Director,

       The Cybersecurity Collaborative​​

Fall Briefing Series
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Securing the Perimeter:
Reconciling zero trust and the expanding attack surface

Tuesday, Nov 23 @ 2pm ET
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2021 saw a marked increase in activity related to zero trust between increasingly sophisticated actors and the Executive Order 14028, Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity mandating agencies develop implementation plans. However, these are not the only reasons leaders should embrace the zero trust model: IoT and IIoT devices and the rapid adoption of remote work environments have increased the attack surface for both cyber and physical attacks.


In this session, the executive panelists will discuss how applying the zero trust mindset to a converged security strategy can protect digital and physical assets. When physical and cyber security function in silos, organizations have a higher risk of vulnerabilities. Applying a unified zero trust mindset to security will decrease the risk for successful attacks.


  • Greg Sisson, CISO, DOE

  • Major Steven Whitham, Research Scientist, Army Cyber Institute, West Point Military Academy

  • Renata Spinks, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Marine Corps

  • Don Maclean, ICIT Fellow & Chief Technologist , DLT

  • Chris Roberts, Federal Technology Director, Quest Software


  • Joyce Hunter, Executive Director, ICIT

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Walking the Line:
Balancing innovation and governance

Tuesday, Nov 30 @ 1pm ET
Earn 1 CPE

With the ever-evolving cyber landscape, innovation and transformation are at the forefront of leader’s minds; however, at the same time, there is an increased focus on cybersecurity governance to ensure the development and compliance of minimum standards or best practices. As a result, leaders are tasked with balancing between differentiating their organizations with innovation and conforming with governance expectations. 


In this fireside chat, we will hear from  Ann Dunkin, CIO, DOE on balancing between compliance and optimizing security. In addition, this speaker will discuss to what extent organizations should focus on compliance with standards compared with developing state-of-the-art solutions and innovations. 


  •  Ann Dunkin, CIO, DOE


  • Joyce Hunter, Executive Director, ICIT


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What Sets ICIT Briefings Apart?

  • Collaborative Workshops—Facilitate Meaningful and Actionable Content Delivery

  • Keynotes—Compelling and Well-Known Leaders in Cybersecurity

  • Expert-Led—Curated Panels of National Experts Deliver New and Relevant Content

  • What Works, What Doesn't Stories Mixing Leaders and the SMEs

  • Exchanges—Tackle the Hottest Topics in Cybersecurity

  • Efficient: 1 Hour of  Content Rich Delivery from the Convenience of Your Remote Office

  • Continuing EducationParticipants can Earn up to 3 CPEs

Defending against today’s threats requires more than listening. It requires actively engaging with experts and peers to discuss your challenges, share solutions, and build the relationships that are the key to long-term success. ICIT, a non-profit cybersecurity think tank, has created an efficient and unique format for government and critical infrastructure leaders to learn from their peers and have structured dialogue to exchange information and share knowledge.

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About ICIT

ICIT, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is America's Cybersecurity Think Tank providing objective advisory to the legislative community, federal agencies, and critical infrastructure leaders. Through original cutting-edge research, publications, and educational events, ICIT and its members are improving the resiliency of our nation's critical infrastructure sectors.



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