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ICIT Fall Briefing

The Intersection of Leadership, Transformation and Security

October 17, 2019
Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City 
Arlington, VA


Colonel Stoney Trent, Chief of Missions, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, DoD

Don Heckman,

Deputy CISO, Department of Defense*

Maria Roat,

CIO, Small Business Association

Daryl Hagley,

Director, Mission Assurance and Cyber Deterrence, DoD Office of the Secretary of Defense

Joseph Kirschbaum, Director, Defense Capabilities and Management, GAO

Joyce Corell,

Assistant Director, Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate, National Counterintelligence and Security Center, ODNI

Sherri Sokol, Innovation, DISA

Dan Jacobs,

Senior Security Architect, Security Technology Transformation Services, CoE, GSA

Merritt Baer,

Principal Security Architect, AWS Global

Jason Rivera,

Director -Global Threat Intelligence Advisors, CrowdStrike

Don Maclean,

ICIT Fellow, Chief Cyber Security Technologist, DLT

 Sherry Bennett,

Chief Data Scientist, DLT

Parham Eftekhari, Executive Director, ICIT      

David Blankenhorn, Chief Technology Officer, DLT

 Chris Wilkinson, Senior Vice President, Sales

*Pending Agency Approval

This Briefing is Co-Chaired by ICIT and DLT Solutions,

an ICIT Fellow Program Member and Expert Contributor. 


About This Briefing

Agency personnel must navigate an ocean of vendor solutions, government mandates, and bureaucratic obstacles in their quest to support their agency mission and deliver services to citizens, business users, and warfighters. 


To succeed, we must focus not only on the technologies implemented but on how the leaders in our organizations are implementing programs, engaging stakeholders, and empowering teams to drive the outcomes desired.

During this ICIT Briefing, experts will discuss government-wide efforts around modernization, security, and data analytics, and offer first-hand insights on how to improve success through better leadership, operational execution, and implementation.

Expert Briefings & Research Based Education 

Think Tank Led Education Where You Are In Charge

Defending against today’s threats requires more than listening.  It requires actively engaging with experts and peers to discuss your challenges, share solutions, and build the relationships that are the key to long-term success.  ICIT, a non-profit cybersecurity think tank, has created an efficient and unique format for government and critical infrastructure leaders to learn from their peers and have structured dialogue to exchange information and share knowledge.



What Sets ICIT Briefings Apart?

- No Sponsors: No vendor product sessions or table-top booths

- Group Collaboration: Structured group discussions for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange 

- In Depth: 40-minute briefings give experts time to provide details

- Efficient: Be back to work after lunch

- Intimate: 75 seat capacity ensures opportunities for meaningful conversations and networking

- Continuing Education:  Earn 4 Hours Continuing Education from ICIT 

The Curriculum will Cover:

- Cybersecurity Challenges for the C-Suite

- The Impact of Leadership on Successful Technology Outcomes

- Zero Trust Security 

- Threat Intelligence Analytics

- Cloud Security

- Enterprise DevOps (Application Security)

- Data Security

Educational Partner


Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City

1250 S Hayes Street

Arlington, VA 22202

(703) 415-5000

About ICIT

ICIT, a 501c3 non-profit, is America's Cybersecurity Think Tank providing objective advisory to the legislative community, federal agencies and critical infrastructure leaders. Through original cutting-edge research, publications and educational events, ICIT and its members are improving the resiliency of our nation's critical infrastructure sectors.



Attendees Earn 3 CISSP CPEs &

4 Hours of Continuing Education

#ICITBriefing  - info@icitech.org 
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