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ICIT Briefing
The Center for FCEB Resilience

August 1, 2024 | U.S. Capitol Visitors Center • Washington, DC
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Invitation Only Briefing

The Briefing

With 102 departments and agencies representing diverse sets of actors and missions, the Federal Civilian Executive Branch (FCEB) is the primary interface of the Executive Branch with the American people.  These organizations are responsible for delivering services and supporting infrastructure that are critical to our way of life, making them rich targets for cyber-attacks from adversaries seeking to degrade the United States domestically and abroad without the risks associated with conventional and more direct kinetic confrontation.  To counter this existential threat to America and its allies, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) has established the Center FCEB Resiliency, a multi-disciplinary program with a mission to modernize and secure the FCEB and private sector critical infrastructure through technology, policy, education, and engagement. 


This briefing will formally launch the Center for FCEB Resilience by convening community members who will be supporting ICIT on this important effort.  The event will consist of a series of keynotes and panel discussions with some of the nation’s most influential and knowledgeable experts on critical infrastructure technology, policy, and security, and update from ICIT leadership on future Center activities, goals, and milestones.


Due to significant interest in this initiative and limited seating, this widely attended gathering is by invitation only.

Agenda & Speakers

0905 - Opening Remarks

0915 - Keynote: Rep. Chris Deluzio (PA-17)

0945 - Keynote: Senator Hickenlooper (D-CO)

1015 - Panel #1: Understanding the Geopolitics and Threat Landscape of Critical Infrastructure

1050 - Panel #2: Reimagining FCEB Resilience: What is Success and How Do We Get There Together?

1125 - Closing Remarks

Speakers Include:

- Representative Chris Deluzio (PA-17)

- Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO)

- Dana Madsen, Deputy Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, ODNI

- Dr. David Mussington, Executive Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, CISA

- Paula Ann Doyle, Fellow, National Security Institute, George Mason University

- Chris DeRusha, Director of Global Public Sector Compliance, Google Cloud

- Gabriel Agboruche, Executive Director, OT & Cybersecurity Jacobs and Industry Council, ICIT

​- Ed Harris, CISO, Mauser Packaging and Fellow, ICIT

- Laura Whitt-Winyard, CISO, Veoila N.A. and Fellow, ICIT

- Glenn Corn, Senior Director, Geopolitics and Global Threat Assessment, ICIT

- Parham Eftekhari, Founder and Chairman, ICIT

- Cory Simpson, CEO, ICIT

FCEB Supporters

The generosity of Supporting Members funds a robust agenda of briefings, events, and publications that support the Center’s goals and objectives. As a member, you will be invited to participate in various Center ICIT initiatives throughout the year. Interested in supporting The Center for FCEB Resilience?  Learn More

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