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October 4, 2023 / Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City


 Co-Chaired by:

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" We’re at an unprecedented point in technological evolution - AI will change the world, society and how we live our lives – it’s imperative that we convene the leading minds to help understand where AI fits into society. 

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

The Nation's Leading Cybersecurity Think Tank

AI DC 2023

This Briefing is Co-Chaired by ICIT and CyberRisk Alliance, an ICIT Fellow Program Member

  • Analyze the current AI landscape and its influence on cybersecurity and national security

  • Identify pressing cybersecurity threats due to AI and potential countermeasures

  • Encourage knowledge exchange and best practices in AI policy and cybersecurity

  • Facilitate discussions on the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI in national security

  • Foster a collaborative community of experts to work on these issues beyond the event

  • Deliver actionable advice to bolster your organization and security strategy


The AI DC - ICIT 2023 Fall Briefing is an exclusive gathering of America's leading minds in the realms of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, national security and policy-making. This 1/2 day briefing based in the DC Metro is focused on driving robust discussions around AI's implications for our nation's security, the potential for innovation with AI, and the strategies we can implement to safeguard our homeland via policy and technology. AI DC 2023 brings together prominent members of the IC community, AI policy makers, esteemed constituents of the academic communities and governmental figures fostering dialogue and collaboration on AI's impact on the country — everything from cybersecurity to national security to the labor market will be impacted by AI. The briefing aims to:

Think Tank Driven Curriculum


Speakers & VIPs

Check back for updates | *invited

Whose Attending?

Over 200 AI Researchers, Cybersecurity Scholars, Policy Researchers, Intelligence Community(IC) Members, Policy Makers: Government Officials, Regulatory Bodies:, C-Suite Tech Industry Executives, Cybersecurity Professionals, AI Industry Practitioners, Think Tank Analysts, Ethics and Legal Experts.

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